iRAPP Terminal Server 1.7.3860.0

Give you the possibility to use several Mac Systems simultaneously.
iRAPP Terminal Server is able to allow multiple users to use one or more Mac Systems simultaneously. Let your users experience a fully featured OS X desktop that can run OS X based applications in multiple independent sessions.

iRAPP is the natural evolution of the remote system access; it merges the connected systems and gives the user the desired usability and experience

iRAPP stands for "interactive Remote APPlication" - a remote access software that allows you to view and fully interact a remote or locally networked Mac. iRAPP makes it possible that you can work seamlessly and simultaneously on your PC and Mac.

iRAPP cohesively merges the OS X desktop into the Windows environment unlike any other remote access software currently on the market.

Allow your users to connect to one Mac simultaneously - Connect to multiple accounts to one Mac OS X systems simultaneously. Finally you can deliver the OS X Experience to your workgroup environment.

Connect to your Mac from a PC, Mac, Unix Box or Thin Client - You can either use our cohesive iRAPP client or any RDP client - this allows you now to access with the following needs: PC to Mac, Mac to Mac, Unix to Mac, Thin Client to Mac.

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) - Now provides support for the RDP Protocol - you will be able to find clients for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris and Mac OS X

Merge your Mac desktop with your PC desktop - The iRAPP client allows the remotely accessed Mac desktop to become part of your local Windows environment.

You can open any Mac application and use it directly from the PC environment. The Mac menu bar, dock, icons, and application windows are all movable and completely functional. Our client also allows you to use its Remote Desktop Mode ( Full screen or as a Window ).

Connect to multiple Macs from the same PC - Connect to multiple accounts on other Mac OS X systems simultaneously from a single PC. You can easily switch between active Mac accounts or assign them to different screens if you have multiple monitors.

Main features:

  • Key Features:
  • iRAPP Client connection to one or more systems with Mac OS X.
  • iRAPP Server can work in single user or multiple user mode ( license dependent ).
  • Open any Mac application and use it directly from your PC environment.
  • View Mac navigation bar and Mac desktop icons on your PC.
  • Float the Mac menu anywhere on your PC system via OS X Smart Menu Bar, or dock it at the top of the screen (just like the default position in OSX).
  • Increase speed and image quality using PC-only or Mac-only Remote Desktop modes.
  • iRAPP supports two protocols:
  • iRAPP Protocol - allows connections from the native iRAPP Client.
  • Microsoft RDP Protocol - allows connections form any MS RDP Client.
  • Cohesive Application Mode ( iRAPP Protocol only ):
  • Displaying and merging the OS X windows, applications, icons and control items into the local Windows system.
  • Easy Workspace layout setup.
  • Ability to add custom user modes for the remote monitor.
  • Window priority is cohesive.
  • Image quality adjustment ( for slow connections ).
  • Remote Desktop Mode ( iRAPP Protocol or RDP ):
  • Remote system is displayed in a separate application window or in full screen mode.
  • Remote and local monitors are synchronized.
  • Ability to add custom user modes for the remote monitor.
  • Image quality adjustment ( for slow connections ).
  • Complete Features:
  • Auto-run / auto-termination of OS X applications.
  • Local network auto-scan for available iRAPP Servers.
  • Copy and paste text (plain text, Unicode text, RTF, HTML), graphics and photos between Mac and PC applications.
  • Support for multi monitor displays (you can assign Mac and PC to different monitors, drag Mac applications across two monitors, and stretch applications across multiple monitors).
  • Print from any Mac application to a printer that is connected to your Mac (physically or via Wi-Fi).
  • Resize and move the iRAPP workspace on your PC desktop, or dock it at the top of the screen.
  • Define and store preferred monitor and iRAPP workspace options for each connection address.
  • Choose preferred screen mode on the Mac side to set it automatically at the session start.
  • Keep your user session working on the Mac even when you are disconnected and then re-connect to the same user-session later.
  • Mouse pointer image synchronization.
  • Custom Keyboard Mapping for international users.
  • Save connection settings to a file or restore your settings from a file.
  • Separate settings for each iRAPP Server.
  • Password storage for system auto-login.

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October 6th, 2009, 5:42 GMT
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developed by:
Code Rebel
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.4.8 or later
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Universal Binary
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iRAPP Terminal Server

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