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Script that finds and marks all duplicates in your iPhoto library




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iPhoto Remove Duplicates is a free and easy to use iPhoto script that will identify all duplicate photos in your iPhoto library and automatically mark them with a comment (keyword) of “duplicate”. It will not delete anything.

· Download and unzip the script
· Double-click the script to open in Script Editor
· Go into iPhoto and select a group of photos you want to compare
· Switch back to Script Editor and run the script
· Don’t Touch Anything! Just let the script finish, it could take a while if you are comparing a lot of photos
· After the script is done, go back into iphoto and search for “duplicate”
· You can highlight all the duplicates and delete them or move them some place safe

Notes and warnings:
1. Backup first!
2. The script only adds a comment to duplicate photos, it doesn’t change anything else, so it’s very safe.
Last updated on January 31st, 2010
iPhoto Remove DuplicatesiPhoto Remove Duplicates

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