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iClock pro enables you to replace your standard Mac menu bar clock with a more powerful menu.

iClock Pro's central hub helps you control all the related time functions. You will be able to view time, date and calendar in various formats and colors.

iClock Pro provides user friendly utilities like:
· lightning quick calendar,
· stop watch
· calculator
· timers
Last updated on February 15th, 2013
iClock Pro - By clicking on iClock Pro you will be able to view the time for various time zones and to show or hide calendar, stop watch and floating clocks.iClock Pro - The Set Alarm(s) menu enables you to customize your alarms according to your needs.iClock Pro - The iClock Pro Mini Calendar helps you view and organize your calendar entries.iClock ProiClock ProiClock ProiClock ProiClock ProiClock ProiClock Pro

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