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User friendly clipboard manager that keeps track of all your clipping and enables you to access their content with minimal effort.

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The Mac OS X clipboard preserves only the latest added item, so performing repetitive actions that involve multiple clippings can prove to be time consuming. iClipboard is a small but powerful Mac that fixes the issue by enabling you to keep an unlimited number previously used clippings right in your status bar.

Unobtrusive status bar menu app that can log you pasteboard activity

Upon launch, the iClipboard application adds a small icon in your status bar that enables you to effortlessly access the app’s menu, or activate the Shelf panel. Since the app automatically records all you clipboard activity in the background, both areas provide quick access to the recent clippings.

Noteworthy is that you can easily toggle the recording process, and that you get to decide how many items should be preserved (5, 10, 20, 50, or unlimited). Moreover, iClipboard can ignore large items, or clippings grabbed from certain apps.

Effortlessly personalize your experience and define hotkeys for frequently used tools

Within the iClipboard Preferences window you can change the default location of the iClipboard panel, decide the sorting pattern for the clippings list, choose one of the available formatting options, or modify the notification sounds.

The same area allows you to define global keyboard combinations for certain functions, such ad open / close shelf, pause / resume recording, or rapid-fire copy or paste. For your convenience, the iClipboard Paste Blaster provides a panel where you can browse the clippings collection with your arrows in a panel similar with the OS X Tab-Command bar.

Comprehensive pasteboard manager that can record an unlimited number of clippings

iClipboard is a great tool to have around if you are frequently using different text clippings when performing repetitive tasks: since you do not waste time searching and copying the information countless times, your productivity level should increase.

iClipboard was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 10th, 2014
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