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User-friendly and straightforward OS X remote controlling app designed to help you get in control of your Mac with a clap of your hands

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Controlling your computer when you’re not at your desk can be done either via a VNC like solution or using the Apple Remote your Mac came with. iClapper Pro takes another approach to this in that it allows you to get in control of your machine using claps.

Control iTunes with a clap of your hands

Although at first it might sound silly, iClapper Pro does actually work and, when configured and calibrated properly, it will prove to be of indispensable help — if you’re willing to get over the awkwardness of clapping around for changing the currently playing iTunes track.

iClapper Pro is available as a menu bar based application, thus it will always stay out of your way while waiting for you to start clapping for running miscellaneous actions and launching apps without using your Mac’s keyboard or mouse.

Works best in environments with little to no noise

Unfortunately, using iClapper Pro with your Mac might be problematic if it is placed in a loud environment with lots of random noises. This will make it almost impossible for the app to recognize your clap combinations, effectively rendering useless.

Clap combinations can be easily customized using iClapper Pro’s Preferences window and you can also add actions that will launch after a sequence of claps.

Simple to create your own custom clap controlled actions

Moreover, the iClapper Pro utility also comes with built-in AppleScript support which means that you can add custom actions using the app of your choice (only for apps that also come with support for AppleScript). This provides you with access to a large array of applications that couldn’t be controlled using the free demo version of iClapper Pro.

User-friendly tool for controlling OS X apps by clapping

All in all, iClapper Pro can prove to be a valuable addition to your Mac’s app list if you’re not self-conscious enough to get embarrassed by clapping with no apparent reason and if you manage to calibrate it correctly, in order to get it to ignore the louder noises around your Mac and recognize your claps.

iClapper Pro was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
iClapper Pro - The status bar menu allows you to quickly stop the application.iClapper Pro - The 'Preferences' window where you can set up your own rules.iClapper Pro - screenshot #3iClapper Pro - screenshot #4iClapper Pro - You must calibrate the app by providing different model claps.iClapper Pro - screenshot #6iClapper Pro - screenshot #7iClapper Pro - screenshot #8iClapper Pro - screenshot #9iClapper Pro - screenshot #10

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