iCaching 4.97.50

An easy-to-use manager for GPX files that enables users to manage their collection of geocaches by simply dragging and dropping folders

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What's new in iCaching 4.97.50:

  • Groundspeak changed the API limits without notice. This version obeys to the new limits, fixes getting Logs.
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iCaching - The Filter slide sheet helps you filter your search according to various criteria.iCaching - From iCaching's main window you will be able to import, organize, manage and explore your geocaches.iCaching - By accessing the Map Viewer window, you can easily preview and explore the selected location.iCachingiCaching
If you are not familiar with geocaching you should know that it’s a treasure hunt type game played all over the world. To be a part of it you need a device that has a GPS receiver in order to find the “geocaches” or “caches” (usually a waterproof box) left by other players.

Simply follow the coordinates and you should be able to find the hidden item. The next step is to write your code name and the date in the logbook contained in the box.

Larger containers might also include small items that have little financial value but can be amusing: the general rule is to take an article and leave a new one behind before you place the geocache back where you found it for others to discover. To protect the cache's location you should handle it with extreme stealth.

iCaching is a Mac OS X desktop application that will connect to your Geocaching.com account, offering you the possibility to import or export geocache data or simply organize your entries.

The application can import geocache info from GPX, LOC or ZIP files that include pocket queries. The process is extremely straightforward since iCaching comes with support for drag and drop actions.

At the same time, iCaching enables you to manage your Geocaching.com account: you can view the hidden or found caches, you can make queries for your current location, check the geocache availability, add or remove favorite points, view the cache full description (you will need a Premium account), organize them into folders and much more.

Of course, you can export the geocache data to a mobile device and start looking for the hidden treasure. iCaching can create GPX, CSV, HTML or Garmin POI files, but can also export to GPSr (the app provides a wide list of supported devices and helps you make the correct settings).

All in all, iCaching is a great application if you like the whole geocaching concept and can help you manage your account and treasure hunting activities in a more efficient manner.

iCaching was reviewed by , last updated on March 25th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later (Intel only)

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