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A handy and user-oriented utility specially designed for home brewers that need to edit and manage their recipes and track the brewing process

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iBrewMaster is a fully-featured application that enables you to handle and manage the entire brewing process from within a user-friendly interface.

Thanks to iBrewMaster you can handle, edit and organize your own recipes and use over 540 recipes that include 210 Northern Brewer recipes. What is more, you have access to more than 353 grains, 129 yeasts, 73 hops and 80 additions from various parts of the world.

By using iBrewMaster, you can create multiple batches of beer using your recipe database and monitor the entire process step by step. On top of that, iBrewMaster is capable to automatically calculate estimated specific original and final gravities, IBU’s, color, calories and alcohol content. You can also override these values and input your own data, calculations and readings.

iBrewMaster is designed to store and track notes, alcohol content, specific gravities and IBU’s for each recipe individually. You can also review and use each stored independent batch of beer. The built-in scheduler helps you plan the batch activity, track the fermentation process and identify the fermentation stage. All your batches and recipes are organized and sorted in an easy-to-read list from where you can have a quick view of the selected recipe or batch.

From iBrewMaster’s top toolbar you also have access to various supplies, video tutorials, export and import features. You can use the BJCP styles to check if your recipe follows the official BJCP style guidelines.

iBrewMaster comes with support for various types of additions such as flavor, spices, water agents, finings, fruit and herb that you can add to the mash, boil, primary, secondary or bottle. Users can also edit, delete and add fermentation steps, hops, yeasts, grains, mash steps and additions with just a few mouse clicks.

To conclude, iBrewMaster is a customizable and user-oriented application that promises to provide everything you need to create, edit and manage multiple recipes.

iBrewMaster was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on December 2nd, 2013
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