dotReader 0.11.2

Open source, cross-platform content reader/management system with an extensible, plug-in architecture
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dotReader is an open source, cross-platform document / eBook reader that allows users to browse, search, bookmark and annotate multiple content types in one, common interface.

dotReader is a zero-install program that goes where you go - online or offline. The plug-in architecture provides a stable platform to easily add features and capabilities. dotReader is also totally customizable.

dotReader is licensed and distributed under the terms of the OSoft dotReader License.

Main features:

  • Library:
  • Organize your content like "favorites" in web browser - by subject, source, author, department, type of content, etc
  • Ability to drag and drop content to desired location
  • Build a personal library or access and download content from a remote library (non-encrypted content) directly from within the reader
  • Browse:
  • Expand or collapse the entire Table of Contents
  • Linking
  • To points within content
  • To external sources from within reader with internet access
  • Cross-link document to specific places in other documents.
  • Search:
  • Search current document, select documents, or all documents in the library
  • Saved searches for future reference
  • Search public, private, and group notes
  • Supports powerful regular expressions
  • Search results are rendered in Navigation Pane by content title, allowing user to instantly jump from one document to another
  • Highlighted search results
  • Bookmarks:
  • Bookmarks are global and show all bookmarks for all content in the library
  • Organize like the library - own folders, drag and drop content, etc
  • Bookmarks are exportable with notes and highlighting
  • Annotations:
  • Three levels of notes
  • Private - individual notes that can be shared/exported Example: a professor could annotate a textbook and e-mail notes, highlights, and bookmarks to his/her students
  • Public - anyone who has this content can annotate it and share with others. Content can be downloaded and viewed offline.
  • Group - similar to public notes but by "invitation only".
  • Public and group notes can be created offline and "synchronized" when internet access becomes available
  • Highlighting:
  • Choose from multiple highlighting colors
  • Organize highlights by areas of interest in highlighting tab
  • Exportable, along with private notes and bookmarks
  • Browser Support:
  • Supports video, audio, and flash files
  • Opens embedded multi-media and external links
  • Supports CSS
  • Supports embedded forums, polls and surveys at the book level
  • Size and Memory Management:
  • dotReader loads only what is called up to be shown in the View Pane
  • Less memory required
  • Able to be use on older machines
  • dotReader footprint is small - about 8 MB (depending on plug-ins)
  • Digital Rights Management:
  • No passwords or logging in
  • Currently, there are four encryption models
  • You buy it, you own it
  • Subscription service
  • Timed key - bring the bookstore browsing experience to the computer desktop. Users can browse, search, and view content for the time specified by the publisher/ author. After the time expires, content can no longer be opened.
  • Check-out service - think libraries
  • Other:
  • Customizable GUI at the user level or can be customized with certain features "locked down" at the corporate level

last updated on:
July 17th, 2008, 7:42 GMT
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768 KB
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developed by:
OSoft Inc
operating system(s):
Mac OS X 10.4 or later
binary format:
Universal Binary
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