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A low-key and smooth-running application that enables you to instantly transfer files and text snippets from your Mac's Clipboard to your iOS device

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copybin is an unobtrusive and intuitive Mac OS X application that provides the required tools to send and receive text snippets, files or documents to and from your iOS device.

Receive and send photos, files and text snippets from and to your mobile device

With copybin’s help you can quickly and effortlessly transfer files and information between your Mac and your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with ease. It goes without saying that you need an iOS device, as well as the mobile version of copybin installed on your mobile phone or tablet in order for copybin to work.

copybin is designed to constantly monitor your Mac’s Clipboard usage and automatically send the captured information to your device using over the WiFi network. As expected, both your computer and mobile device must be connected to the same network.

Support for a wide variety of files that you can quickly transfer using your WiFi

Moreover, you can access copybin’s status bar menu if you want to send files, documents, photos or videos to your iOS device. You only need to drag and drop your file onto the drop zone and let copybin do the hard work.

The transferred information or files can be viewed a a text, image or movie files. From copybin for iOS you can transfer the info or file to another iOS application. Unfortunately, copybin for iOS can be used only for a certain number of transfers and is ad-supported.

Helps you transfer videos and photos more easier

From copybin’s status bar menu you can also configure it to automatically start at login and quit the application when you no longer need it. We would have liked copybin even more if it offered the option to customize the user interface by using various color schemes or themes.

The great thing about copybin is that you can transfer photos, videos and text from your iOS device to your Mac’s hard disk. All received data is stored in the Downloads folder from where you can access and use the info.

copybin was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on May 3rd, 2014
copybin - copybin automatically monitors your Mac's Clipboard and sends the captured information to your iOS device.

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