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Streamlined and inconspicuous OS X utility that makes it very quick and simple to quit all running apps, hide or unhide their windows or shutdown your Mac with a mouse click

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When you have to manage the applications that run on your Mac, you often have to rely on the built-in Activity Monitor app or use the “Force Quit Applications” pop-up dialog that can be summoned using the CMD+ALT+ESC global hotkey.

Inconspicuous and simple to use menu bar based utility for managing all running apps on your Mac

Even though Activity Monitor comes with all the bells and whistles to help you view your apps’ activity in detail and the Force Quit dialog has the simplicity you would want when having to quit apps in a hurry, there’s still a way through the middle.

cmdQuit is an OS X app that doesn’t overcomplicate things while also providing you with enough power packed in a small and low-key interface.

The cmdQuit app runs in your Macs status bar and it allows you to close all running apps with a single mouse click. You can also choose to have your computer shut down once all apps are killed or to choose which apps exactly you need to quit, via a simple and minimalist dialog.

Designed to help you manage apps in bulk via a user-friendly and straightforward interface

Moreover, unlike the Force Quit Applications dialog, cmdQuit allows you to quit multiple apps at a time by selecting them while keeping the CMD key pushed down.

cmdQuit is also designed to help you manage windows with ease. Thus, you can choose to either hide all the windows at a time or unhide them all at once when you need all your apps to be active.

Minimalist yet very powerful app management tool for batch quitting and hiding your apps

Taking all of the above into consideration, although cmdQuit does not offer you a lot of control on what actions you can perform using it or a very large collection of tools for that matter, but it still manages to do everything it was designed to do flawlessly.

cmdQuit was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on June 23rd, 2015
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