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A professional and feature-rich mind mapping application designed to help users brainstorm and place their ideas in a easy-to-follow map

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XMind is a versatile Mac OS X mind mapping application designed to help you visually organize your ideas, keep track of your brainstorming sessions, and improve your problem solving capabilities in order to increase your productivity level.

Efficiently organize information in a visual manner with the help of expressive charts

To help you better understand different types of data or situations, XMind offers you the possibility to create complex, yet easy-to-understand mind maps that have different structures: Org-chart, Tree-chart, Logic-chart.

Moreover, XMind can be employed to track the dependencies between different events in a project’s schedule with the help of Fishbone cause and effect diagrams.

Sort the information by different criteria in order to find what you need faster

Furthermore, XMind enables you to organize your projects in a matrix that uses different rows and columns to help you analyze the relation between different factors and develop strategies.

In order to provide a better look upon the data contained in your mind-maps, XMind’s comes with an “Index View” that enables you to sort the info by markers, by labels, by start/end date, by assignees and by alphabetical order.

Focus all your energy on what matters by brainstorming with the help of the Idea Factory feature

If for example you find yourself in a situation where ideas might be hard to come by, the Idea Factory feature will help you organize brainstorming sessions when you can record and collect ideas and sort through them later.

An idea can be a very powerful thing, so XMind comes with a password protection system in order to keep your thoughts and ideas safe.

Comprehensive solution for brainstorming, visual thinking and problem solving that can export your mind-maps to most common file formats

Note that, you can share you mind-maps with your friends and family by exporting them to popular file formats such as: .XML, .PNG, .JPEG, .DOC, .PPS, .RTF, .SVG, .CVS, .HTML, or Open Office formats.

All in all, XMind is a must-have OS X application for those who want a proper virtual environment for visualizing problems, finding solutions, or recording ideas.

XMind was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on June 19th, 2015
XMind - From XMind's main window you can easily start creating complex and detailed mind maps with just a few mouse clicks.XMind - The Context menu helps you insert new topics, images, structures, hyperlinks and more.XMind - By accessing the File menu, you can easily view the editing history, reduce the files size and encrypt your map.XMind - screenshot #4XMind - screenshot #5XMind - screenshot #6XMind - screenshot #7XMind - screenshot #8XMind - screenshot #9XMind - screenshot #10XMind - screenshot #11

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