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A straightforward and easy-to-use Mac OS X application that enables you to launch a custom list of applications with minimum effort

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WorkspaceAccelerator is a handy Mac OS X application designed to help you launch a number of applications at the same time with just one click or global hotkey press. The lists of applications with their particular settings are called workspaces and can appear in your menu bar.

Launches sets of installed apps

In essence, WorkspaceAccelerator is just a simple application launcher that spares you the effort of manually launching a set of apps one by one. Using this app, you can open tens of apps as if you were opening only one. Ultimately, WorkspaceAccelerator helps you save time when doing a particular task.

To get started, you first need to open the Preferences window and create a new workspace. Furthermore, you need to populate the workspace with applications from a list of installed apps on your Mac. A handy search function is also available.

Simple workspace configuration

Adding apps to the workspace can be done with a drag’n’drop or by clicking the Plus sign. In addition, you can easily remove them by clicking the Minus button. Other options include naming the workspace, displaying it in the menu bar and selecting its own icon.

One major benefit of using WorkspaceAccelerator is that it supports assigning a global hotkey to each individual workspace. Thus, you are able to easily record a shortcut to any workspace, but be careful not to conflict with existing hotkeys.

A no-frills app launcher

As soon as you finish creating a workspace, you have an extra option to save it to your desktop as a WAP file. Opening this file will launch all the apps in the workspace.

In a nutshell, WorkspaceAccelerator does exactly what it says. It is able to launch any number of predefined apps with just a click or press of a key combination. Though it works as advertised, it could use more features, such as the ability to close the workspace with a click or hotkey.

WorkspaceAccelerator was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on July 6th, 2015
WorkspaceAccelerator - By accessing the menu bar icon, you can launch workspaces or access the preferences.WorkspaceAccelerator - In the Preferences window, you are able to configure the workspaces.WorkspaceAccelerator - The advanced options include hiding the Dock icon, viewing statistics or selecting a different language.

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