Wireless Transmitter Utility for Mac

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Wirelessly connect your Nikon photo camera to your Mac computer with minimal effort by using this user friendly support application






Wireless Transmitter Utility is an easy to use cross-platform application helps you create network profiles when the Unit UT-1 or D4' Ethernet feature or the wireless transmitter WT-5 or WT4 are used.

Additionally, Wireless Transmitter Utility provides all the necessary tools to setup the storage folder and to create multiple connection profiles for different cameras.

Wireless Transmitter Utility is also able to run on two platforms: Mac OS X and Windows.
Last updated on May 26th, 2015
Wireless Transmitter Utility - From Wireless Transmitter Utility's main window you will be able to add and edit profiles, change the camera password and setup the picture folder.Wireless Transmitter Utility - The 'Setup picture folder' window helps you select the folder where the images from the camera will be stored.Wireless Transmitter Utility - In order to connect your Nikon camera to your Mac you have to follow the given instructions.

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