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An application that was specifically designed in order to bring back the Mac OS 8 "minimize-in-place" feature to the Mac OS X platform.

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WindowMizer is a small Mac app designed to change the way in which your application’s windows act when minimized: you can double click on the window title bar and the window will be quickly hidden, leaving only a placeholder behind.

Effortless to install status bar menu app that modifies the way in which you minimize windows

Like with many other Mac apps, the WindowMizer installation process is reduced to dragging the utility to the Applications directory. However, if your are using Mac OS X Mavericks, you will also have to navigate to the system Preferences and add WindowMizer to the list of apps that can control your computer.

When you launch WindowMizer for the first time, the app will scan your opened window and display a notification when the service is ready for use. The fact that WindowMizer leaves the windows title bar active is very useful when trying to keep your windows organized.

Easy to use system customization utility featuring multiple window hiding tools and various sound effects

Via the WindowMizer Preferences window you can see all the available window management actions: on top of the fact that you can reduce them to small title bar placeholders, you can also make them transparent, minimize them to the Dock, or reduce them to smaller thumbnails.

The same area allows you to change the keyboard combinations designed to trigger various actions, and enables you to change the sound notifications for each specific action. Moreover, WindowMizer allows you to create special settings for any of the apps installed on your Mac.

User friendly solution for keeping your desktop organized and make the most out of the available space

WindowMizer offers you the possibility to minimize, make transparent, reduce to a thumbnail, and restore applications’ windows with a simple double click or by employing user set up hotkeys. The fact that you can leave the window title bar and other elements on the screen is great for keeping cluttered desktops organized.

WindowMizer was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 11th, 2015
WindowMizer - By making use of the WindowMizer capabilities you to stack multiple windows in order to get quick access to the ones you need.WindowMizer - From the WindowMizer General tab you can easily customize the close window and quit behavior, and more.WindowMizerWindowMizer - In the WindowMizer  Minimize tab you can easily change the minimize behavior, the transparent window opacity and the double click modifier keys.WindowMizerWindowMizerWindowMizerWindowMizerWindowMizer

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