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A simple yet efficient windows management application for the Mac that allows you to snap windows to the edges of the screen seamlessly

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Magnet is a streamlined Mac OS X application that enables you to easily resize and reposition windows on your screen. In other words, the application makes it really easy to work with multiple windows at the same time by managing their sizes and positions.

The main function of Magnet is that it allows you to snap windows to the top, bottom, left or right by dragging them to the desktop edges, and to the corners of the screen by dragging them to the each corner.

By dragging them to the edges, the windows occupy half the screen and by dragging them to the corner, they occupy a quarter of the screen. Thus, you can have two to four windows neatly organized on your desktop.

Furthermore, Magnet provides a handy menu bar item from which you can access all the commands and view their associated global hotkeys. Another thing you can do is to maximize windows by dragging them to the upper edge of the screen.

If you want to restore the initial position of a snapped window, simply drag it from its position. This behavior is similar to that of Windows 7 (and later) operating systems.

Additionally, Magnet can be set to ignore Safari and can automatically launch at login if you prefer. The app also comes with a Preferences window where you can set all the global hotkeys for each action, although they come with predefined hotkeys by default.

To sum it all up, Magnet offers an elegant solution for managing the sizes of each window displayed on your desktop. With just a simple drag to the edges or corners of the screen, you can organize apps just the way you want to and take advantage of all the screen space of your Mac.

Magnet was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on September 30th, 2015
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