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A very easy to use application designed to help you launch Windows applications on your OS X without having to buy a license for the Windows OS.

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WinOnX is using the Wine engine to help you run Windows applications on your Mac without having to use Bootcamp or different virtualization solutions. The app is also able to work with peripherals, such as DVD readers or USB or network printers.

Currently, WinOnX works only with certain Windows applications, such as Microsoft Office (2003 and 2007 Home) or Corel 9. To view if a certain Windows program can be run by WinOnX, you can check in the WinOnX Compatibility List.

Since WinOnX is using the Wine project, the app is redirecting the communications sent by the Windows program to OS X: the result can be satisfactory, but there is also the possibility to crash.

In addition, note that the 3D graphic acceleration and the full screen mode work only with certain applications.

The WinOnX main window is very organized and quite intuitive: you applications are sorted by category or you can view them in the Start Menu area. You get to browse the apps included in each category in the main area.

WinOnX is designed to provide a stylish environment for launching Windows programs on your Mac OS X, but take into account that only certain applications work properly.

WinOnX was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on September 8th, 2015
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