ViaFTP 2.5

A simple, clean and intuitive file manager that makes it easy for you to handle and transfer numerous files to and from FTP, SFT and WebDAV servers

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13 ViaFTP Screenshots:
ViaFTP - From Via FTP's main window you can manage your files on various FTP, WebDAV or cloud servers.ViaFTP - The context menu helps you create new folders, collapse folders, make aliases and more.ViaFTPViaFTPViaFTP - By accessing the Show menu, you can manage your Bookmarks, check the transfer queue and history log.ViaFTPViaFTPViaFTPViaFTPViaFTPViaFTPViaFTPViaFTP
ViaFTP is a straightforward Mac OS X FTP client that enables you effortlessly access various remote servers in order to manage and transfer files.

Support for most popular file transfer protocols

With ViaFTP’s help, you can quickly connect to FTP, SFTP, WebDav and Amazon S3 server and upload, download and edit documents. Moreover, ViaFTP enables you to connect to your YouTube account and easily upload videos.

ViaFTP's context menu provides access to numerous tools and features that enable you to open the selected file with the desired application, open items in a new window, duplicate, rename, delete or make aliases for any given file, calculate directory size, edit text based files with TextEdit, pack or unpack and archive, make different file and folder selections, check the file listing, trace connections, collapse folders and more.

Easily connect to your servers and access your files

By accessing the QuickConnect slide sheet, you can easily change the connection protocol, type in the connection info and connect to the desired server. The side panel helps you view devices connected to your local network, access your favorite servers and view the list with all your servers.

What is more, ViaFTP helps you share items via Apple’s Mail app, copy the HTTP URL of the selected file and make precise file and folder selections. The Show menu helps you access your bookmarks and Bonjour servers, check the history log and transfer queue.

Change the default editors with ease

From the Remote menu you can quickly connect or disconnect to and from a server, enter a FTP command, download the selected item and change the transfer type. Furthermore, ViaFTP allows you to change its appearance, display files and folders in groups, and show or hide hidden files and folders.

On top of that, ViaFTP enables you to choose the app with which CSS or other file types should be opened  and you also have the option to customize the notification system based on your preferences.

ViaFTP was reviewed by , last updated on April 11th, 2015

Runs on: Mac OS X 10.7 or later (Intel only)


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