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A non-obtrusive OS X application designed to optimize, clean and secure any drive mounted on your Mac with a click before ejecting it

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Every time you connect a removable device to your Mac (USB flash drive, memory cards, hard disks, etc.), your computer (with Snow Leopard and up installed) leaves hidden and junk files on that device, such as .DS_Store. In other cases, there is the risk of infecting the device with viruses, which can be prevented by 3rd party apps.

Purge and secure connected devices

USBMate is a handy Mac OS X application that acts as both an automatic cleaner of external drives and as an anti-virus utility at the same time. The app is best used before ejecting an external device in order to purge it of hidden / junk files and of AutoRun viruses.

Moreover, it displays an icon on the menu bar that provides an option to eject the external device or to toggle a common option to auto-launch at computer login. Of course, the “Quit” option is also available here.

Works seamlessly after being launched

Working with USBMate is a child’s play because it seamlessly does the work for you. After launching the app, it will automatically start checking your connected drive for viruses and junk items.

Furthermore, after finishing the scanning process, USBMate automatically ejects the device and displays a confirmation dialog at the same time. If it detects viruses, it notifies you. An additional option is to check the application logs with just a click.

Effortless external drive cleanup

All things considered, USBMate is quite a handy application designed to perform 2 different tasks before ejecting external connected devices: dealing with useless files and AutoRun viruses. On top of that, USBMate comes with a workflow that requires almost no effort from your part.

USBMate was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on December 1st, 2014
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