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A useful songwriting companion.






Whether at home, on the road or in the studio, TuneSmith provides you with all the tools you need to easily enhance your lyrics writing and effortlessly administer growing song catalogs.

Focus on your craft using a robust lyrics editor with comprehensive text styles, handy revision history and extensive search capabilities. Fan the flames of inspiration with an integrated version of Rhyme Genie.

Rekindle emotions of past writing sessions with a complete clipboard history of previously selected rhymes for each song in progress.

Pitch your hottest tracks and breathe new life into smoldering classic tunes with a versatile song pitch journal. Efficiently manage all essential information about your copyright registrations, co-writers and potential cover artists.

TuneSmith will help you stay on top of different album cuts and demos and quickly capture memorable melodies with an intuitive audio recorder.

Instantly create follow-up reminders in iCal of important pitch journal entries. Email collaborators song revisions or submit accurate copyright and licensing information to your music clients with a single click.

Quickly exchange contact information with your OS X Address Book in Apple's extended vCard format.
Last updated on January 3rd, 2015
TuneSmith - TuneSmith's Creative Talent tab enables you to introduce information about co-writer, recording sessions and song submission leads.TuneSmith - By selecting the Son Catalog tab you can add information about the recorded songs.TuneSmith - The Pitch Journal helps you organize your pitch meetings for various songs with more ease.TuneSmith - screenshot #4TuneSmith - screenshot #5TuneSmith - screenshot #6TuneSmith - screenshot #7

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