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Helps you catalog all your removable media and enables you to locate any given file before you even connect your external drive or USB device to your Mac

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Storing files and photos on external drives and storing devices has become a common practice between most Mac users. It helps you recover disk space that you can use for new files and images.

However, storing various files on multiple external or removable drives might make it difficult for you to find the needed file in a decent amount of time. Here is where Tri-CATALOG steps in to help you out and reduce your search times.

Catalog all your storage devices and effortlessly find the needed files

Tri-CATALOG is a reliable Mac OS X application specially made to generate lists with all the contents available on your local and remove disks, CDs, DVDs or any other storage devices.

In other words, Tri-CATALOG creates a searchable database that makes it easy for you to locate a file without connecting and browsing through all your storage devices.

For all analyzed folders or disks, Tri-CATALOG automatically creates a “virtual volume” that contains a list of all files and folder hierarchy, along with the metadata and thumbnails of your pictures.

Share, preview and browser your catalogs with ease

The best part is that these “volumes” are accessible at all times, even when the drive is not connected to your Mac and you can share them with other users, who can view your file list and your images at a low resolution.

Tri-CATALOG features a user-oriented interface that helps you switch between different databases, sort the generated lists and search through your “virtual volumes” with ease. The top toolbar enables you to switch between different viewing modes and makes it possible to update the volumes database.

Take advantage of the powerful search engine and narrow down your search results

Your file search can be easily refined by using various attributes such as date and size for various files, as well as picture attributes like exposure, focal length, aperture and other related data. The advanced search engine makes Tri-CATALOG a reliable image finder for photographers.

Tri-CATALOG was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on September 1st, 2015
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