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Tree Visualizer - Visualize your file system using a diagram view





Tree Visualizer provides with fast interactive visualization of large data structures organized in a tree.

Project goals:
■ Visualize the data structure in a way which allows to get an overview of the data structure within a short time.
■ Provide guidance which allows to quickly drill down into points of interest in the data structure.
■ Render the data structure fast enough so that real-time navigation is possible.

The project currently consists of a file browser demo, which visualizes the file system with the following diagrams:
■ Hyperbolic Tree
■ Circular Treemap
■ Rectangular Treemap
■ Sunburst Tree
■ Icicle Tree
■ Sunray Tree
■ Iceray Tree

NOTE: Tree Visualizer is licensed and distributed under the terms of the MIT license.
Last updated on June 10th, 2014
Tree VisualizerTree VisualizerTree Visualizer

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