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A handy and powerful application that enables you to use a dual-pane Finder and take advantage of the Visor behavior from within your Mac's Finder

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TotalFinder is a versatile and intuitive application specially made for power users and developers that need more than just a simple Finder window.

Dual pane mode

TotalFinder offers you an enhanced Finder capable to display two Finder windows side-by-side. If you miss classic dual-panel file managers, then you will enjoy this feature when moving files from one panel to another.

Moreover, both Finder windows can keep their own toolbar as well as the sidebar that is placed on the right edge for the right side window while the width of the right sidebar is automatically synchronized with the one of the left sidebar.

Folders on top

A normal Finder window displays your folders and files mixed together and you can sort them according to their name, modification date and size. But if you like to view your folders first and your files last regardless of the sorting options, then TotalFinder can help you out.

Thanks to TotalFinder you can always show your folders at the top of the list and sort your files and directories just like you would do in the original Finder. On top oft that, you can display all hidden system or user files with just a keystroke. All hidden files are also displayed before normal items for a smoother and easier browsing experience.


Visor is another useful feature inspired by TotalTerminal that allows you to summon a system-wide TotalFinder window at the bottom of your screen with the push of a keyboard key. Although this function is disabled by default, advanced users can easily enable it by accessing the Preferences window. You can easily pin or resize Visor and customize the sliding effect by adjusting the sliding duration and adding the fade effect.

The Preferences window helps you personalize TotalFinder and hide or show the progress bar in the Dock, enable or disable Visor, customize various keyboard shortcuts and disable tabs entirely.

TotalFinder was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on August 12th, 2015
TotalFinder - Thanks to TotalFinder you can enjoy a dual pane Finder and browse your files more easier.TotalFinder - Visor is a system-wide TotalFinder window displayed at the bottom of your screen.TotalFinder - From TotalFinder's status bar menu you can hide or show Visor and restart your Finder.TotalFinderTotalFinderTotalFinderTotalFinderTotalFinderTotalFinder

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