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Versatile game map editor that can create and customize maps for any title that is using tile based game boards, including hexagonal, isometric, or orthogonal maps






Tiled is a tile map editor for Mac OS X that offers you the possibility to create and personalize the maps of any game that is using tiles.

The utility is opening TMX map files and enables you to quickly customize the environment with the help of multiple tile sets.

The map editor is able to work with maps of any sizes, and is not limited by the number of size of the tiles or layers. What’s more, Tiled enables you to customize the properties of any of the included elements.

Tiled packs a collection of basic graphic editing features, but also includes tools designed specifically to deal with editing tile maps, such as terrain, fill, and stamp brushes.

Noteworthy is that Tiled can work with hexagonal, isometric, or orthogonal maps, and that you can easily move around objects of various shapes, such as ellipse, rectangle, or polygon. In addition, you can also insert images objects.
Last updated on September 28th, 2015
Tiled - The Tiled main window where you can preview the game maps together with their properties, and all the available tile setsTiled - The Tiled main window where you can view the objects and terrain that is used within the current game mapTiled - The Tiled editor also offers you the possibility to quickly view all the layers used in the current game mapTiled - The Tiled View menu offers you the possibility to toggle the visibility of certain panels and toolbars, but also provides access to the animation or to the collision editorsTiled - The Tiled Layer menu enables you to quickly add new tile, object, or image layers, or to adjust the layers propertiesTiled - The Tiled Preferences window includes elementary interface customization options, such as the possibility to change the language and grid colorTiled - Within the Tiled Object Types Preferences window you have the option to quickly define new object types and assign them color codesTiled - Tiled also integrates an automapping function that can be used by default when drawing into game map layers

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