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A lightweight and very easy-to-use utility specially made to help you remove text formatting, hyperlinks, unwanted spaces and tabs form the copied text snippets

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Text Cleaner Pro is self-explanatory Mac OS X application that aims to help you save time by automatically processing the text stored in your Mac’s clipboard.

Clipboard to plain text

Thanks to Text Cleaner Pro you can effortlessly convert the copied formatted text into plain text as soon as you copy it to the clipboard. Although Text Cleaner Pro is capable to automatically clean your text, you can deactivate this feature and manually clean only the text snippets you want.

Text cleaner

If you constantly work with text snippets from multiple sources such as webpages, e-mails, documents or presentations you will be happy to know that Text Cleaner Pro is capable to remove undesirable formatting. Hence, you can get rid of colors, font style and size, tables, images, hyperlinks, blank spaces, tabs, returns and more.

What is more, you can use Text Cleaner Pro to change the case to smart capitalized, capitalized, lower case or upper case. More demanding users can change single quotes to double quotes and vice versa or remove them altogether.

Customizable cleaning process

You can even forget about HTML tags, bullets, reply quotes or use up to 3 different custom find and replace settings to speed up your work. On top of that, Text Cleaner Pro allows you to insert your own pattern into the copied text.

Text Cleaner Pro can be easily summoned using custom keyboard shortcuts or by accessing the status bar menu from where you can manually clear the formatting of the copied text or enable the “Automatically clear formatting” option.

User-definable hotkeys

From the Preferences window you can easily configure Text Cleaner Pro to automatically start at login and hide the Dock icon. The great thing about Text Cleaner Pro is that it allows you to use the desired keyboard shortcut for all available functions.

TCleaner Pro was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on July 8th, 2015
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