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Control multiple Macs with the same mouse and keyboard by using this unobtrusive yet versatile System Preferences pane that seamlessly integrates with your system.

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Working on multiple computers at the same time is a common practice, especially if you need to run tasks that require a significant amount of resources. Teleport is an unobtrusive OS X utility that allows you to use the same mouse and keyboard for multiple devices connected to the same network.

Easy to setup System Preferences Pane that can help you control multiple Macs with the same peripherals

Upon installation, Teleport integrates in your System Preferences window, and allows you to configure its behavior through a minimalist pane. Note that the application must be deployed on all devices you want to control.

For your convenience, Teleport also places a small menulet in the status bar that allows you to quickly deactivate the service, or to access the configuration panel. Note that Teleport is using Apple’s Bonjour network, so you must make sure that all devices can see each other on Bonjour to be able to create a connection.

Control multiple computers by using the same keyboard and mouse

To start using the Teleport capabilities, you must specify which workstations are to be controlled, and establish how can you switch to their desktop (in the Layout panel you can easily arrange the remote desktops around the controlling station’s screen).

In the Options panel associated to each workstation you can setup a keyboard combination for switching, you get to decide if you want to sync the pasteboard, or to toggle the file transfers.

Moreover, in the Settings tab you can choose to turn on or off the data encryption, to manage the list of trusted hosts, or to specify which types of notifications you want active.

User friendly solution for controlling multiple Macs with minimal effort

All in all, Teleport is a great tool to have around if you don’t want to physically move from one workstation to the other: the app allows you to use the same peripherals, and even facilitates transferring data or files between computers. However, keep in mind that Teleport does not work cross platforms: it is limited to computers running OS X.

Teleport was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on April 24th, 2015
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