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An open source Mac OS X application that provides an user friendly environment for quickly creating and managing tasks and todo lists.

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Closely keeping track of your tasks and learning to prioritize is very important if you want to raise your productivity level. Task Coach is an open source project designed to provide the tools you need to make this happen.

Track simple or complex tasks

Task Coach offers you the possibility to organize your tasks into simple lists, but also provides support for creating tree listings. This way you can group together to do’s related to a specific project. Moreover, you can organize them into various categories and then quickly sort the entries with a mouse click.

Store details about each task

Each time you create a new entry, you must provide at least a name for your task, but Task Coach offers you the possibility to input a lot more information. You can provide a small description and assign a priority level, while the application automatically displays the creation and modification data.

Furthermore, you can set up start and due dates, actual start and completion date, reminders, make the event recurrent, view all the other to do’s included in your list, assign it to a category, provide a budget, make notes, add attachments, or adjust the entry appearance.

Track the time spent on a certain tasks

Task Coach comes with an effort tracker that can be used to record the amount of time spent working on a specific assignment: this way you can have a clear view upon the manner you employ your time. At the same time, the app offers you the possibility to also keep track of the task progress, expressed in percentages.

User friendly task management application

Task Coach provides a collection of simple yet highly effective tools for organizing your activity while monitoring the way in which you spend your time. Since you can organize your tasks into groups and categories, Task Coach has the potential to deal with fairly complex projects.

Task Coach was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on February 2nd, 2015
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