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A small status bar menu application for Mac OS X that analyzes the current text selection and provides options for the best action

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Tactor is a powerful Mac app that resides in your status bar and can analyze the current text selection in order to display a list of related possible actions. It can detect the source app for the text selection and processes all available info in order to determine the best action course.

Working with Tactor is extremely straightforward: underline the text string you want to analyze and select the appropriate function from the Tactor menu. The options include guessing or expanding the text or guessing the clipboard content.

In addition, you can use hotkey combinations which can be set up in the Tactor Preferences window. The same area allows you to browse the list of available matching and action plug-ins.

The plug-ins collection included within Tactor by default can be extended by the user: you can easily add your own AppleScripts that deal with specific needs. In addition, you can choose to open the existing ones in the AppleScript Editor app and customize their behavior.

Tactor will show all possible actions in the Guess Results window which is separated in 3 tabs: in the first one you can see the text, the second provides the actions list (simply click on the one you want to perform) and the third shows the associated files together with their path.

What’s more, in the Tactor Debug Window, you can also view the context and actions variables. You cannot add new items to the list or modify the result in any way, but you will be able to view all associated informations and better understand how Tactor works.

To sum up, Tactor proposes a simple solution for quickly determining all available courses of action and all files related to a certain text selection: it will prove to be very useful when working in the Terminal.app, for example.

Tactor was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on May 10th, 2015
Tactor - In the Tactor status bar menu you can choose to enable the guess window or the debug panel.Tactor - In the Tactor Guess Results window you can choose one of the available actions: you can search for the term online, reveal the associate files in the Finder and more.Tactor - screenshot #3Tactor - screenshot #4Tactor - In the Tactor Preferences window you can manage the built in matchers and actions or you can add new ones.Tactor - screenshot #6Tactor - screenshot #7Tactor - screenshot #8Tactor - screenshot #9Tactor - screenshot #10

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