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Free and simple to use synergy GUI wrapper that makes it very easy and effortless to control multiple computers using a single keyboard and one mouse

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SynergyKM is an open source and cross-platform OS X GUI-based wrapper for the synergy command line tool, and it is designed to take advantage of synergy’s capabilities to help you use the same mouse and keyboard with any number of machines on your local network.

Low-key configuration profile switcher

Moreover, SynergyKM is an inconspicuous and simple to use tool that runs in your Mac's menu bar and will allow you to effortlessly change between various configuration profiles with a simple click of the mouse.

The SynergyKM wrapper app installs with a full copy of the open source synergy utility, and this means that you will only have to install it on your Macs and you’ll be able to start sharing your mouse and keyboard between your computers without having to install any other software.

System preference pane for configuring synergy

SynergyKM comes as a system preference pane which will allow you to quickly toggle it on or off when you need to. Furthermore, via its prefpane, you can choose if you want the current machine to act as a client for your shared keyboard and mouse or as the server,

From the SynergyKM’s preference pane you will also be able to choose if your want it to automatically launch on system startup and if you need it to display its menu bar item for quick and easy access.

Create multiple location profiles

Having it run in the status bar can be very useful especially if you create multiple location sets that will allow you to store different combinations of settings for each of the various locations you move your portable Mac to. SynergyKM’s status bar menu will allow you to instantly switch between configuration profiles, with a simple mouse click.

As an added benefit, you can also remap various keys on the client machines, in order to better fit within the OS environment of the computer you are trying to control.

User-friendly and powerful keyboard and mouse sharing utility

Taking all said in consideration, SynergyKM is designed to offer an intuitive and easy to configure interface for the open source synergy utility and thus sharing a mouse and a keyboard between multiple machines, easier than ever before.

SynergyKM was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on July 18th, 2015
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