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Synchronize folders, using various filters and processing methods, with the help of this intuitive and feature packed application

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Synchronizing the contents of multiple folders is important when you need to maintain backups or ensure other users have access to up-to-date resources. There are quite a few applications that can help you perform this task, but few remain easy-to-use while integrating as many features as Sync Folders Pro.

Intuitive application that caters to novices and experts alike

If all you need to do is set up a simple synchronization job to backup important files to another drive, a network location or even a cloud service, you can simply select the source and target folders, choose the desired sync mode, and you are ready to go.

The application can then perform the same task automatically on a user-defined interval, to ensure outdated files are not kept in either of the targeted folders.

Advanced features that allow experts to fine-tune synchronization settings

If you work with large volumes of data or want to have more control over the processes performed automatically, there are various settings that can be customized. You can set up exclusion or inclusion filters, specify how deleted content should be handled or select a certain comparison mode.

Any number of tasks can be created and run at the same time, each with different parameters, so that you can transfer files between multiple systems depending on each user’s needs.

Straightforward layout and helpful menu bar notifications

Sync Folders Pro’s tabbed interface is easy to get used to, as the various buttons and menus are arranged in an intuitive manner.

What’s more, important notifications are displayed in the menu bar, which means that once the necessary tasks have been set up, you may not even have to bring up the main application window again.

All in all, Sync Folders Pro is a comprehensive utility that performs its intended function without reproach. It offers a host of useful features and packs them into a well designed interface.

Sync Folders Pro was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on October 8th, 2015
Sync Folders Pro - The application allows you to synchronize the contents of multiple folders using various methods.Sync Folders Pro - Once a task has been created, Sync Folders Pro can run it automatically, on a specific schedule.Sync Folders Pro - Sync Folders Pro can display a detailed list of all the recent changes made to the targeted directories.Sync Folders Pro - screenshot #4Sync Folders Pro - screenshot #5Sync Folders Pro - screenshot #6

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