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A minimalist and very easy to use Mac OS X application switcher that enables you to visualize the CPU usage and memory load for each utility.

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Mac OS X comes with a built in applications switcher that can be activated by using the Command + Tab keyboard combination. Switcher is a minimalist Mac app that provides the same functionality, but also includes additional information and a couple of customization options.

Unobtrusive application switcher that can be activated by a user defined hotkey

When you launch the Switcher app, you will be able to see the utility’s Configuration panel and make various adjustments: you can choose to run Switcher in the background, to change the default hotkey, or to choose the default position for the Switcher panel (top, middle, or bottom).

Moreover, you have the option to install the SwitcherQuitter additional component in order to be able to quit, relaunch, or force quit app’s via the Switcher panel. After the initial setup, the Switcher app will run in the background, and you will be able to interact with its application’s panel only if you use the appropriate keyboard combination.

Effortlessly visualize details about each app’s CPU load or memory usage

Switcher will display the icons for all the running application’s in its panel, and includes details about the current CPU load or memory usage in each case. You can use the arrow keys to easily navigate the application’s panel, but you can also hide or show the currently selected application by pressing the “H” key.

To conclude, if you are looking for an application switching utility that provides usage information about each utility, and offers you the possibility to hide or quit the currently selected app, Switcher  certainly deserves your attention.

Switcher was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on August 14th, 2014
Switcher - Via the Switcher app main panel you can easily navigate between applications.Switcher - In the Switcher Configuration panel you can setup your own activation hotkey, choose a window position, and so on.

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