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A fresh desktop OS X application that converts various documents to a PNG format which you can extract to obtain the original document

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Stapled is a nifty Mac OS X application that is capable of converting your documents into a special kind of PNG format that you convert back to the original document. The scope of Stapled is to allow you to upload and share all sorts of documents as PNGs via photo services and other mediums.

Working with Stapled is a piece of cake, as it consists of only several drag and drop operations. Just drag the file you want to share onto the app’s interface, after which a sidebar to the left will display your file that you can drag and drop to your Desktop or any location. In the process, the file receives the PNG format.

Additionally, it will include a preview of the document (song artwork, the first page of the document, RAW images, etc.) that is visible from any app. These PNG files can be easily converted back to their original format by reversing the conversion steps, i.e. with another drag and drop on the app.

Furthermore, nothing changes in terms of contents in the converted file. The quality remains the same even after you extract the original file from the converted PNG. In other words, the stapled file is identical to the original after reverting the operation.

To sum it all up, Stapled is a unique and easy to use OS X utility the provides an innovative way to share all sorts of documents over the web. Because files get morphed to a PNG format, you can treat them as images and distribute them as such.

Stapled was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on February 19th, 2015
Stapled - By accessing the main window, you can drag and drop the files you want to morph to the PNF format.

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