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An easy to use Mac OS X application that offers you the possibility to create, manage and share your own collection of code snippets frequently used when developing software.

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Developing software sometimes requires using the same functions or code strings, since you are looking to achieve similar results. Snip2Code is a minimalist status bar menu application for the Mac OS X that enables you to create an easily accessible collection of source code snippets.

However, keep in mind that you must register for a free account on the website in order to be able to use the application. To get started, simply input your credentials in the Preferences window.

The same area allows you to enable the launch at login function: since the app stays in the menu bar without interfering with your work unnecessarily, activating this feature is advisable.

The Snip2Code functionalities are focused around 2 main tasks: first you can create your own snippets and, secondly, you can access the database and use code provided by other users. As a result, the app is an endless source of inspiration and potentially useful solutions.

When you create a new snippet you must set up a title, a short description, input the code strings and then attach various tags. In addition, you can specify the framework (including the version) used to develop the source code, the architecture, the language, the project type, the resources language, the technology, the target framework and much more.

What’s more, you get to decide if your current entry will be available publicly or you will be the only one to access it.

To integrate a specific snippet in a project, navigate to the snippets manager window, use the search tool to find specific entries, copy the content to your clipboard and the use it however you see fit.

All in all, Snip2Code is a very useful tool if you are looking for a way to organize / share your frequently used code snippets or if you want to see how other developers work.

Snip2Code was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on December 28th, 2014
Snip2Code - From the Snip2Code status bar menu you can easily add a new snippet to your collection.Snip2Code - In the Snip2Code Snippet window you can easily change the entry visibility or add new tags to the entry.Snip2Code - In the Snip2Code Snippets manager window you can browse your collection and copy source code to your clipboard.Snip2Code - screenshot #4

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