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Mac OS X allows you to capture screen sections, windows, or the entire screen by using system tools, and enables you to change the capture’s file format via Terminal commands. Moreover, you can view the results and even annotate the images by using the default Preview application.

SnapNDrag is a simple Mac OS X application that provides a minimalist, organized user interface for these features, while offering batch processing and grouping capabilities.

Organize screenshots into different folders

Most of the user interaction is performed via the SnapNDrag main window that is separated in two main panels: on the left you can organize your screenshots into multiple folders, while on the right you can preview their thumbnails.

At the same time, the top toolbar provides buttons for basic actions: capture selection / window / screen, launch timed capture (full screen only), save, copy to clipboard, send to Quick Look, share, annotate, zoom, or send to trash.

Change the screenshot file format

If you select a specific screenshot, in the SnapNDrag bottom toolbar, you will be able to change the file name and the file type (JPG high / med / low, PNG, TIFF, or GIF). Moreover, you get to scale the result, and even add a border to the image. If you select multiple files at the same time, some of these options come with batch processing capabilities.

Basic screenshot capturing tool with snapshot naming pattern personalization

Via the SnapNDrag Preferences window you can easily create a new model for naming the captured images by specifying a default name and the number of counter digits. Note that SnapNDrag is capable to preserve the counter value across restarts.

SnapNDrag comes with an user friendly user interface that provides quick access to fundamental image capturing tools. Noteworthy is the fact that you can change the screenshots naming pattern and that you can batch convert images to other file formats.

SnapNDrag was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 24th, 2015
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