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A CVS client for your Mac that makes it easy for you to edit and keep track of all file modifications within a software development project

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One of the best tools in software development is the CVS or Concurrent Version System, a control system that keeps track of file modifications within a project.

Forthright CVS client with a simple and intuitive interface

SmartCVS is a straightforward and powerful CVS client for Mac OS X, that offers an easy to use interface alongside an efficient environment for keeping track of file changes throughout the development process.

The project at hand is displayed in SmartCVS’s main window which provides an overview over the modified files and which exact files need new revisions. To make things easier, SmartCVS offers a sorting system that helps you filter files either by name, or by file type with a few clicks.

Effortlessly edit and keep track of changes within a project

Furthermore, SmartCVS bundles a file compare system, thus, you don’t need to install 3rd party software and it makes it possible for you to revert changes or edit the files quickly and directly with the help of the “change markers”.

If unwanted changes were made and a part of the project needs to be reverted to its initial state, you can use the List Repository Files feature that helps you effortlessly restore removed files, as well as see all files with certain tags or within certain branches.

Take advantage of powerful features like Graphical Log and Tag Browser to gain a better view of all changes in your repository

For a more in-depth view, SmartCVS also comes with a Graphical Log that shows a particular file’s history in chronological order, and a Tag Browser that helps you view all known tags and branches, as well as each branch’s structure.

What’s more, SmartCVS supports various CVS commands and keyword substitutions, has built-in smart extensions, browsing and file comparing features, as well numerous editing tools that will make developers’ lives better.

A must-have utility for CVS based software development

Taking all things into consideration, SmartCVS can be considered a file manager, specially built for developers, and that proves itself to be a very easy and comprehensive tool for in-depth project management via CVS.

SmartCVS was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica
Last updated on January 3rd, 2015
SmartCVS - From SmartCVS' main window you will be able to load and edit your CVS repository.SmartCVS - By right clicking on a file, you can quickly update and unedit it, as well as reveal its Finder location.SmartCVS - The Tag/Branch menu helps you to effortlessly add or remove a tag and create a branch.SmartCVS - screenshot #4SmartCVS - screenshot #5SmartCVS - screenshot #6SmartCVS - screenshot #7SmartCVS - screenshot #8SmartCVS - screenshot #9SmartCVS - screenshot #10

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