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Prevent your Mac computer from going to sleep without having to modify the system settings via this unsophisticated status bar menu

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Mac OS X integrates energy saving tools that can put your computer to sleep, or prevent it, depending on your choice.

However, you can adjust the settings only via the System Preferences, and you don’t always know what are your latest fixtures: if your computer does not go to sleep while the lid is closed, it might lead to overheating during transportation.

SleepLess is a minimalist status bar menu that can help you manage these aspects, without modifying your overall system settings.

Customize your energy saving settings via the status bar

The SleepLess user interface is represented by a small menulet that integrates all available options. Moreover, the status bar icon automatically changes depending on your current settings: you can identify the sleep status at a glance and make the necessary adjustments on the spot.

SleepLess can allow or prevent the idle sleep or the sleep with the lid closed, while the display goes to sleep or not. In addition, you can also choose to immediately enter the safe sleep mode to conserve energy.

Furthermore, the integrated sleep timer will allow you computer to go to sleep after a certain time period.

If you choose to prevent your Mac from going to sleep, SleepLess automatically launches a small button that resides on your desktop and allows you to revert the setting with a simple mouse click.

Efficient solution for managing you energy saving settings without modifying system settings

SleepLess can prove to be very useful if you need to change you energy saving settings frequently to prevent you Mac from going to sleep during presentations, or other activities.

However, maintaining the same settings all the time can lead to wasting energy, or can cause serious overheating. SleepLess helps you to be aware of your current energy saving settings at a glance, and enables you to adjust them just as easily.

SleepLess was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on July 8th, 2015
SleepLess - The SleepLess status bar menu where you can choose to put your computer to sleep, to configure the sleep timer, and so on

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