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A powerful and intelligent application specially made to prevent your Mac from going to sleep when you are using it without touching your mouse or keyboard

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Preventing your Mac from going to sleep while you are reading or watching something might be a challenging tasks and although there are a plethora of applications that can keep your computer “awake”, few of them are as easy and intuitive as Should I Sleep.

Lightweight, discreet and user-friendly

Should I Sleep is a straightforward Mac OS X application that uses a mix of heuristic sensors that will make sure your computer does not go into the sleep mode. Should I Sleep can use as series of sensors such as face detection, camera motion, download monitor, processor usage and sound activity.

Every time your Mac’s display is about to dim, Should I Sleep starts all active sensors and monitors various activities for 3 seconds before allowing your screen to dim. Each of the covered sensors can be enabled or disabled and adjusted according to your needs and preferences.

Customizable behavior

Face Detection is one of the most effective sensors and manages to capture images from your Mac’s built-in camera in order to scan for eyes, nose and mouth. If one or more faces are detected, then sleep is prevented.

You can also personalize Should I Sleep and set the desired time period for the computer and/or your display to stay awake. All time periods and menu items are fully customizable. Hence, you can include the Camera Motion, Download Monitor, Processor Usage, External Display and Sound Activity in your list of sensors.

By default Should I Sleep comes with the Prevent by Time and Face detection sensors. However, you can use the in-app purchase system and buy one or all the above mentioned sensors.

To conclude, Should I Sleep is a practical and versatile application that promises to prevent your computer going to sleep by monitoring various sensors.

Should I Sleep was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on February 22nd, 2014
Should I Sleep - Should I Sleep's status bar menu allows you to enable the app's 'Face Detection' feature and customize the prevention time.Should I Sleep - From the 'Start Up' Preferences tab you will be able to toggle the "Launch on computer startup' option.Should I Sleep - On the 'Customize' Preferences tab you can adjust the detection accuracy to suit your needs.Should I Sleep - screenshot #4Should I Sleep - screenshot #5

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