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Unobtrusive status bar menu application for Mac OS X that enables you to effortlessly move, manage, and resize windows by using hotkeys.

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Manually resizing or rearranging application’s windows can prove to be both tedious and time consuming: Shift It is a small Mac app designed to provide an alternative solution. The utility comes with a collection of predefined actions that can align and resize the currently selected window, and can be triggered by using keyboard combinations.

Uncomplicated window management utility that resides in your status bar

Upon launch, Shift It adds a new menu in your status bar, where you can see a list with all the supported actions, and the assigned keyboard combination. To use the utility, simply select the window you want to move or resize, and make the appropriate selection on the menu, or press the associated hotkey.

Shift It offers support for basic actions, such as aligning the window to any of the desktop margins, placing it in the center, toggling the full screen or zoom modes, and so on. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the window size, or navigate to the next screen.

Effortlessly define your own keyboard combinations for rearranging windows

For your convenience, Shift It comes with a list of predefined hotkeys, but you can easily choose to modify them via the app’s Preferences window. The same area allows you to adjust the  amount with which the window size is increased or decreased: you can opt for a percent in the screen or window size, or you can choose to employ a fixed size.

Moreover, you get to define your own window anchors that will be placed near the screen’s margins, or enable the debug logging mode, in which case the app’s activity ill be logged, and you must attach the file when you are reporting a bug’s on the Shift It GitHub project page.

Simple but powerful software solution for effortlessly managing windows

Shift It is a great tool to have around if you want to quickly move your windows around without manually resizing or rearranging them: the app comes with keyboard combinations which allow you to handle common tasks in no time.

Shift It was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 24th, 2014
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