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Session Planner Pro is a piece of beautiful software that will help you to become more productive when working at home.

Session Planner Pro is most useful whenever you find yourself wasting time and procrastinating. Set yourself a 'perfect day' schedule and the software will make you stick to it.

Session Planner Pro is like a super-charged automated pomodoro timer. You'll become perfectly aware of what exactly you are using your 24 hours for. It uses a graphical interface to show how much each time block takes from your day.

This way you can identify where you might be wasting time and can optimize your daily schedule usage accordingly.

Using Session Planner Pro is like playing a game. Session Planner Pro's interface is also easy to use and full of animations. Of course you can make corrections to your schedule although you are not supposed to do that very often.
Last updated on August 17th, 2012
Session Planner Pro - Writing new tasks.Session Planner Pro - You will be able to create more than one session.Session Planner Pro - Choosing a day in the week.Session Planner Pro

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