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A minimalist Mac OS X application that can connect with your PokerStars desktop client and determine the odds for your current hand.

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Online poker is quite fast paced so you must be able to calculate your odds a lot faster. SeeingStars is a small Mac OS X application that automatically detects you hand while playing online poker by using the PokerStars client and quickly calculates your odds.

The best part is that SeeingStars does not require you to input any data: the app recognizes the cards you already have and calculates your odds, and then, after you receive the new cards, determines if they raise your odds or not.

Minimalist user interface

The SeeingStars main window is reduced to a small window that will stay on top of all windows, right next to your online poker application. In this panel you can easily switch between the calculator view and the settings tab.

In the calculator mode you can see the number of players currently seated at the table, and the board details. If you select the Settings gear, you will be able to view details about the connection with the PokerStars client.

Designed for PokerStars

SeeingStars is able to calculate your odds only if you are using the PokerStars client to play online poker. Simply navigate to the website, install the Mac desktop client and login with your credentials.

Set up your PokerStars client

To be able to use the SeeingStars application, you must make certain adjustments in the PokerStars application: navigate to the View menu and select the Table Themes entry. In the new window, you must select the Nova theme, choose the first design for the Back Deck, and enable the “4 Color Deck” option.

After you make these modifications, relaunch the application and SeeingStars should be able to connect with the application.

Minimalist app for calculating poker odds

SeeingStars is a fairly easy to use application but it might prove challenging to set up properly. However, if you are playing online poser using the PokerStars service, SeeingStars can prove to be fairly useful.

SeeingStars was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on April 19th, 2014
SeeingStars - In the SeeingStars main window you can view your current odds.SeeingStars - screenshot #2SeeingStars - In the SeeingStars Settings panel you can view details about the PokerStars connection.

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