Seas0nPass for Mac

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Offers you the possibility to jailbreak your Apple TV device by using the latest available firmware to create a "jailbroken" version.





Seas0nPass is a simple application designed to help you jailbreak your Apple TV device.

Before using Seas0nPass make sure you have installed the latest iTunes version, a micro USB cable and that you have disconnected any iPads, iPods or iPhones from your Mac.

Launch Seas0nPass an press the "Create IPSW" button and the app will automatically download the latest Apple TV firmware that will be used to create a custom "jailbroken" software file.

When prompted, simply connect the Apple TV to your Mac while leaving the power cable disconnected.

When the led on the front of the device begins to flash rapidly, use the remote and hold both the MENU and PLAY/PAUSE buttons pressed for 7 seven seconds.

This will launch the iTunes app which will automatically start the restore process.
Last updated on January 6th, 2014

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