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Create screencasts, personalize the captured videos using a powerful built-in video editor and more, with this intuitive application

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While there are many applications that you can turn to if you wish to record screencasts, few of them offer additional editing features that allow you to avoid using other tools for personalizing the captured content.

Screenium is a powerful and intuitive OS X app that includes a broad range of features, designed to record clips of your entire desktop, selected areas or specific windows via a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Straightforward tool for capturing videos of your Mac's desktop

As soon as you Screenium, you are presented with a simple menu that allows you to choose between the three available recording modes. You can define the target area manually, select a particular window or just capture your entire screen.

Additionally, should you wish to avoid including certain items, the Screenium utility can hide your desktop background and its own icon from the dock automatically. Furthermore, it can suppress your system screensaver, preventing it from activating.

What’s more, you can include sound recorded from a connected microphone or other input device and capture content from FaceTime or a USB camera.

Powerful inbuilt video editor

Once you have finished recording your screencast, you can simply export it, but you can also load it into the Screenium’s built-in editor for performing corrections and further enhancing the recording.

To start with, you can insert various shapes from an included template library, alter object properties and apply visual or audio effects.

Moreover, Screenium enables you to overlay clips recorded with a camera onto the desktop recording, which is particularly useful for creating screencasts.

You can even insert custom soundtracks, and either use them to replace the original audio track or include both of them in the output video.

Intuitive interface, but timeline items can be difficult to manage

Screenium is a tool that can be used by novices with little to no effort, as its core functions are relatively straightforward and easily accessible.

However, the included timeline view can be challenging at times, as it is not always easy to get an overall view of all the items added to your project.

All in all, Screenium is a user-friendly desktop recording utility that that makes it simple for you to create your own screencasts, while also coming equipped with a powerful video editing module.

Screenium was reviewed by Catalin Chelariu
Last updated on September 7th, 2015
Screenium - Screenium can help you record videos of your desktop by capturing a certain area, the whole screen or a single window.Screenium - The application allows you to define the maximum framerate and video quality, as well as enable stealth recording.Screenium - You can have the application hide your desktop background automatically and prevent the system screensaver from activating.Screenium - screenshot #4Screenium - screenshot #5Screenium - screenshot #6Screenium - screenshot #7Screenium - screenshot #8Screenium - screenshot #9Screenium - screenshot #10Screenium - screenshot #11Screenium - screenshot #12Screenium - screenshot #13Screenium - screenshot #14Screenium - screenshot #15

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