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A lightweight and unobtrusive status bar menu app for Mac OS X that enables you to effortlessly create multiple workspaces, ans switch between them in no time.

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SaneDesk is a simple but very powerful Mac OS X app that enables you to define multiple workspaces, and then quickly switch between them, depending on the task at hand. This is extremely useful because you have the option to keep your desktop organized, without having to renounce convenience.

Unobtrusive status bar menu app designed to help you keep your desktop both organized and functional

The SaneDesk app resides in your status bar and, after the initial setup, it does dot require your attention in any way. The first step is to define your workspaces: by default, the app shows your current desktop as the Primary Workspace, but also creates a few others (Work, Play, and Miscellaneous).

At the same time, you can either choose to see or hide all the desktop icons, regardless of the workspace you are currently using: this is very useful if you forgot in which space you placed a specific item. The best part is that you create as many workspaces as you want, and you might even assign a hotkey for quick toggling.

Straightforward solution for keeping the desktop organized with minimal effort

SaneDesk is a great tool to have around if you are placing documents on your desktop for easy access, but you also want to avoid cluttering. The app enables you to define multiple workspaces, depending on the task at hand, hence everything remains easily accessible, while your desktop is kept clean.

For your convenience, SaneDesk also enables you to define keyboard combinations for opening the app’s menu, for showing / hiding all icons, for creating / editing/ removing desktops, or for changing the workspaces order.

Other customization options include the fact that you can change the menu bar icon and font size, or the SaneDesk background. Last but not least, the app is able to send various messages via the Mac OS X Notification Center.

SaneDesk was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on October 26th, 2014
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