Safari CleanUp for Mac

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Easy to use AppleScript for cleaning Safari's cache, cookies and downloads folder





Safari CleanUp is a free and easy to use AppleScript based tool that will automatically delete Safari's cache and cookies, empty its downloads folder and also deletes any plist files that Safari builds up over time.

Safari* is an improved controller script that masquerades as a Safari look-alike.  It shares the same icon as Safari and bears nearly the same name, except for that conspicuous asterisk at the end of the name.

As a controller script, it activates both Safari (the real one) and its companion script, Safari CleanUp v0.5.6.1, when launched.  After having done its job, it quits. The rest of the deal drops on the lap of Safari and its clean-up script.
Last updated on November 28th, 2009
Safari CleanUpSafari CleanUp

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