SSD Health for Mac1.1

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A standard-looking and low-key software solution for Mac OS X that provides detailed and useful information about your SSD's health

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SSD Health is a minimalistic reference app for Mac OS X that enables you to monitor the wellness of your solid state drive from a standard user interface. The app displays various detailed information that helps you determine whether your SSD is working properly or not.

Designed as an app for the more advanced user, SSD Health displays information about your drive that you can find in other hard drive related apps, but also more valuable info that helps you solve SSD issues. The basic information includes serial number, firmware version, drive capacity, temperature work time and health status.

In addition to this, SSD Health provides a table with 6 different columns that displays the hidden values regarding various attributes of the drive. In each column, the following data can be viewed: ID (of attribute), Attribute name, Value, Worst, Thread and Raw.

Some of the attributes include Read Error State, Reallocated Sectors Count, Power-On Hours, Power Cycle Count, Wear Leveling Count, Program Fail Count Chip, Erase Fail Count Chip, Wear Leveling Count and more.

To sum things up, SSD Health can come in really handy to tech savvy users who want to troubleshoot SSD health issues. It comes with a straightforward user interface and refreshes the information very quickly.

SSD Health was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on March 23rd, 2014
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