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A small Mac OS X application that can be used to batch rename files, and then copy or move them to other locations on your disk.

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The Mac OS X Finder app does not come with batch file renaming capabilities, which makes handling duplicate files rather time consuming. Renamerox is a simple Mac app that can help you rename a large number of files in no time, by applying simple rules.

Powerful renaming tools packed in a minimalist user interface

Most of the user interaction takes place via the Renamerox main window: here you must drag and drop the files you want to process, and then select the renaming template you want to apply, via a simple drop down menu.

Once everything is in place, all you have to do is press the “Rename” button and the app takes care of the rest. In the main window you can also monitor the renaming process, and view the new file name. If the results do not match your expectations, the “Undo” button placed in the bottom right corner reverts the renaming process.

Create your own renaming rules

In the Renamerox Preferences window you must define the renaming pattern you want to apply to your files. You get to add suffixes or prefixes, increments, you can convert characters,  truncate text strings and more.

In addition, in the Options/Saving panel, you must set up a default output folder: you can only copy the files to the new folder, or completely move them. If you do not provide an output folder, the renamed files will replace the originals.

Keep in mind that each time you close the Preferences window all adjustments are lost: to actually apply the rules to your files, make sure you save the modifications first.

Unsophisticated yet powerful batch renaming utility

Renamerox proposes simple solutions for renaming a large number of files in no time: you get to add prefixes or suffixes, increments, you can truncate text strings and much more. The best part is that Renamerox also includes undo capabilities, so you can easily start over and apply new renaming rules.

Renamerox was reviewed by Iulia Ivan
Last updated on June 25th, 2015
Renamerox - The Renamerox main window where you can add files and folders for processing with a drag and drop movementRenamerox - Via the Renamerox Preferences you can choose to create a renaming pattern for your files by adding a prefix or a suffix, the current time and date, and so onRenamerox - screenshot #3Renamerox - In the Renamerox Preferences you get to choose a renaming method for your files and personalize the built-in presets to match your needsRenamerox - screenshot #5

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