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A light, unobtrusive and reliable menulet specially designed to automatically connect and mount network drives on system start up or user login

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Remount is an nonintrusive, lightweight and practical Mac OS X menu bar application capable to monitor your network drives and automatically mount them at login.

Manages your network drives and automatically connects to them at startup

In other words, Remount remember all your network drives and mounts them at login based on your preferences. On top of that, Remount is designed to recognize multiple network services and various differences between wireless networks.

As follows, Remount comes with support for SMB, AFP, FTP and WebDav, a fact that allows you to mount Apple and Windows shares with ease.

Easily view all available drives and mount or remount any given drive

By accessing Remount’s status bar menu you can view a list with all available network drives, add or remove drives from the monitoring list and temporarily deactivate any given drive.

From Remount’s main window you can instantly add or remove drives to and from the monitoring list. Remount offers you to manually add drives or automatically load all mounted network drives with just a click of a mouse button.

Configure Remount to automatically start at login and let it take care of the rest

Thanks to the Preferences window, you can configure Remount to automatically start at login, hide the Dock icon and enable Remount to mount your drives at system wakeup.

Moreover, Remount offers you the option to customize certain jobs such as the Finder unmount, activate, deactivate and delete.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a no-frill Mac OS X application that can help you mount and unmount your network drives based on your needs and preferences, then you should try out Remount.

Remount was reviewed by George Popescu
Last updated on March 30th, 2015
Remount - From Remount's status bar menu you can easily select the network drives that you need to be mounted at login.Remount - You can easily turn on or off the monitoring feature and add o remove drives from the listRemount - The Preferences window helps you configure Remount to start at login.

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