QuitsAppsMBI for Mac1.0.5

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A handy and reliable Mac OS X software utility which allows you to quit all running apps on simultaneously or just one at a time

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QuitsAppsMBI is a lightweight and easy-to-use OS X utility which enables you to quit all active applications or one by one from a simple menu bar panel. The app aims to save you quite a bit of precious time before shutting down your Mac or when you want a simpler alternative to closing numerous apps.

Besides displaying all major active applications with graphical user interface or just a menu bar item, QuitsAppsMBI can also detect hidden applications, such as agents, which run in the background to perform certain tasks.

These hidden apps can also be closed using QuitsAppsMBI. Moreover, the location of each app is displayed in standard yellow tooltips. After closing an app, QuitsAppsMBI provides an option, at the bottom of the app list, to relaunch the last closed app with just a click.

This options is also available after closing all applications and, in this situation, it reopens all the apps you have closed using the “Quit All Apps” menu item.

Apart from all these features, QuitsAppsMBI does not do anything else. However, another thing that might be worthy of mention is that the list of apps includes shiny icons for each app, which adds a touch of eye-candy.

To sum things up, QuitsAppsMBI is a simple OS X app based on a simple concept - quitting all applications with one mouse click. The utility works as advertised and using it is a walk in the park.

QuitsAppsMBI was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on February 19th, 2015
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