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Open source and very flexible OS X app for quickly finding, launching and opening applications or files, and performing various actions using them

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Quicksilver is an open-source and very flexible Mac OS X application for quickly finding files and doing something with them. It is a suitable alternative to Spotlight and can perform additional actions as well.

Using only your keyboard, you can perform a myriad of actions. The key features that Quicksilver brings are faster searches, powerful keyboard integration, the ability to learn your most frequent actions, and plug-in support.

Quicksilver's interface can be launched with any hotkey (the default being Ctrl + Space). As soon as you start typing, it will display the most relevant search results and the complete search result list below the interface.

Depending on the item you've selected, various actions can be performed. First of all, files can be launched, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Using the plug-ins for different applications (Mail, Finder, iTunes, FaceTime, Safari, etc.) you can send emails to your contacts, search the web, access browser bookmarks, and much more.

Moreover, Quicksilver finds data in your Mac through the Catalog - a place where you can add or remove folders and locations in your Mac's system that you want to be accessed.

As mentioned, Quicksilver comes comes with powerful keyboard shortcut support. Virtually any action can be performed using simple key combinations.

The application features a modern, fluid and very eye-pleasant user interface and animations. In this sense, Quicksilver definitely delivers a good deal of eye-candy that adds to the elegance of OS X.

Furthermore, the functionality of Quicksilver can be extended with Triggers, which perform specific commands whenever a keyboard shortcut is pressed.

In addition to this, you can store AppleScripts in your catalog in order to create triggers. You can include several types of scripts such as text action, file action, three-pane ActionScripts, or custom ones.

With a wide range of functionality and enhanced accessibility, the application can't but deliver a suitable replacement to Spotlight and increase your day-to-day workflow considerably.

Quicksilver was reviewed by Octav Fedor
Last updated on October 2nd, 2015
Quicksilver - From Quicksilver's main window, users can easily search for the program they want to launch.Quicksilver - The Search panel under Quicksilver's window enables you to effortlessly pinpoint the exact Finder item you are looking for.Quicksilver - From the Options menu, users will be able to easily choose the search mode used by Quicksilver when searching their Macs.Quicksilver - screenshot #4Quicksilver - screenshot #5Quicksilver - screenshot #6Quicksilver - screenshot #7Quicksilver - screenshot #8Quicksilver - screenshot #9Quicksilver - screenshot #10Quicksilver - screenshot #11Quicksilver - screenshot #12Quicksilver - screenshot #13

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