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QuickPick is an application and document launcher designed to feel as if it's part of Mac OS X itself. Just drag and drop any number of applications or documents into the QuickPick window, and they'll only ever be a mouse click, flick, or key press away.

QuickPick is a great place to store documents and applications that you use frequently. When it comes to launching, QuickPick replaces the roles of Finder, Spotlight, Stacks, and the Dock with one quick and easy interface, that is fast to use with the keyboard or the mouse.

The Dock in Mac OS X is a handy place to put the applications and documents you use constantly every day; Just one click and you're ready to go. But what if you have a lot of them, too many for the Dock?

What about the apps and documents you don't use quite as frequently, but still want nearby? Navigating through Finder can take far too many clicks. Spotlight can be as helpful as a snail delivering rush order packages. So what do you do?

QuickPick keeps any number of applications just a mouse flick (or keyboard shortcut) away. When you activate QuickPick, all of the windows on your system will zoom off into the distance, and the documents and apps you want close by will fly right into view. It's like having a fourth dimension just for your files.

QuickPick displays files, folders, and application as clickable icons which can be arranged in any way you want by simply dragging them around, similar to the Desktop in Finder.

To launch an application or open a document from inside of QuickPick, just click on it. QuickPick also allows you to select and launch items with the keyboard.
Last updated on December 24th, 2013
QuickPick - In the main window you can organize your files, folders and applications using different pages.QuickPickQuickPick - From the 'Preferences' window you can set up a global hotkey.QuickPick - You can easily adjust the main window appearance.

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