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Easy to use and no-frills app that makes it simple to manage tasks and projects using a Mac and to sync them effortlessly between multiple devices

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Nowadays one can find all categories of task and project managers for the OS X platform and the one Producteev is a part of is social based task managing.

Social based project managers are designed to make it simple to organize and manage various types of tasks and to-dos in a team environment.

Collaborative and clean looking task manager for teams designed to make to simple to work on a project as a group

Producteev is a 100% free utility that provides all the tools a team needs to manage tasks inside an organization and to collaborate on a variety of projects using interactive deadlines, tasks and reminders.

While using Producteev as a team, you can also take advantage of the built-in “Push notifications” features” using all the devices in your group, in order to be automatically notified when important events are taking place or when tasks are due.

In addition, the Producteev app makes it simpler then ever to effortlessly keep all your team’s tasks and open projects in sync across all devices.

Built-in fast task synchronization which will allow you to continue working on a task when switching devices

Moreover, you can also use Producteev to manage and sync recurring reminders and tasks to simplify the way you control projects by eradicating the need to add the same task at recurrent moments in time.

What’s more, Producteev will enable you to easily create tasks for your project via e-mail, using its Mail2Task tool. This way, you can add new todos for your team when your away from your Mac but still have access to an e-mail client.

Makes it easy to add a discussion area and multiple file attachments to each task

As a bonus, file attachments and full-blown discussion threads can also be added to any task in your project to further interconnect and simplify the way your team deals with projects.

One other very important feature Producteev comes with are the activity feeds that will help all teammates in the loop, at all times. Thus, you can make sure that each project participant knows what he has to do and what remains to worked on, each and every moment.

User-friendly and comprehensive task management solution for the Mac with powerful collaboration features and tools

All in all, Producteev will greatly streamline the way your team works on projects together and will surely, if not completely, eliminate misunderstandings and failures to meet deadlines.

Producteev was reviewed by Sergiu Gatlan
Last updated on July 15th, 2015
Producteev - By accessing the main window of the application, you will be able to create projects, labels and tasks.Producteev - From the Task menu you can change the label, add priorities or delete tasks.Producteev - In the Window menu you can hide task info, enter fullscreen mode or bring all items to front.Producteev - screenshot #4Producteev - screenshot #5

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